Onsite Training

CFT onsite training programs are tailored to the specific needs of your bank and staff skill set. Courses cover today’s most relevant topics, are offered online and in-person, and are led by leading subject matter experts.

Tailored Offerings

We partner with your organization to design and develop a tailored training program that best meets your objectives. Examples of tailored solutions are:

  • One-day workshops for wealth advisors focused on how to engage high net worth commercial lending clients
  • A workshop on efficient loan process and documentation for a Top 25 bank that examined key regulatory issues
  • A training program on relationship sales skills for small business bankers


Hands on workshop for subject matter experts who are responsible for developing and delivering classroom training. Learners will participate in a simulated training development process and will follow the steps to develop an actual training that they will present (in part) to the group. The facilitator will provide one-on-one feedback to participants who complete the assignments.

Three classes, 4 hours each, with spaced delivery to allow time for participants to prepare their training to be delivered to the large group on Day 3.

Participants will:

  • Analyze the training need and craft learning objectives
  • Develop a content outline
  • Select instructional methods
  • Develop training aids
  • Use visuals/PowerPoint effectively as an aid to learning
  • Apply a model for developing a training plan (ROPES)
  • Practice basic facilitation skills