Analyzing the Balance Sheet and Income Statement

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The principal goal of this course is to enable you to analyze the balance sheet and income statement.

Covered Topics
-Explain the history and purpose the balance sheet and income statement.
-Demonstrate how common sizing the accounts can be used to help analyze both the balance sheet and income statement.
-Perform horizontal and vertical analysis on both the balance sheet and income statement.
-Define the difference between assets, liabilities and owner?s equity.
-Identify both current and non-current assets and liabilities.
-Identify questions to ask management about selected balance sheet accounts.
-Explain the difference between Lifo and Fifo
-Explain the different depreciation methods used with fixed assets.
-Provide definitions for selected balance sheet accounts such as:
Deferred Taxes
Treasury Stock
Additional paid in capital
Retained Earnings
Other comprehensive income
-Examine the balance sheet for liquidity and leverage
-Define the balance sheet and income statement accounts that would be considered primary and secondary sources of repayment on a loan.
-Explain how income serves as one of the principal components of cash available for debt repayment and maintaining company viability.
-Develop questions to ask management about revenues and expenses.
-Explain how cost of goods sold can differ in a manufacturer versus a retailer or wholesaler
-Explain the difference between gross profit, operating profit and net profit
-Identify typical operating expenses.
-Define a fixed versus a variable expense.
-Explain other income and expenses.
-Define extraordinary items.
-Explain how the notes to the financial statements are used to further explain information on the balance sheet and income statement.

Audience: Commercial lenders, credit analysts, small business lenders, middle market lenders, private bankers; loan review specialists, special assets officers, lending managers and credit officers.

Prerequisites: n/a

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