Accounting Principles for Lenders

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A banker’s understanding of accounting fundamentals is essential to the application of sound financial statement and credit analysis. Accounting is the language employed to communicate financial information. It is the process of identifying and measuring economic events, then classifying, recording and summarizing the measurements and reporting the information to permit judgments and decisions by the users. Bankers rely on this accountant prepared information to make such decisions.

The purpose of this course is to expose the participant to the flow of accounting from identifying economic events and how they are reported in financial statements. Another purpose is to demonstrate how the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Reconciliation of Net Worth and Cash Flow Statement are developed and connected to each other. The instructor is a banker; therefore, the approach to the credit analysis process will be from a banker’s perspective. Case studies will be used to reinforce concepts presented.

Covered Topics:
– Underlying Assumptions Used by Accountants
– Rules of Debits and Credits
– Construction of the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, – Reconciliation of Net Worth and the Statement of Cash Flow
– Difference between Accrual and Cash Basis Accounting
– Analysis of Accounts often used as Collateral such as:
– Accounts Receivable (Aging Schedules, Allowance Calculations, etc)
– Inventory (Effect of LIFO, FIFO and Average Cost Costing Methods)
– Fixed Assets (Effect of varying Depreciation Methods)
– Analysis of the Notes to the Financial Statements
– Types of Financial Statements and meaning of CPA’ Opinions

After completing this course, the participant will have:
– A firm understanding of how financial statements are constructed
– A firm understanding of how the financial statements are connected
– A firm understanding of the accounting used for major collateral accounts
– A firm understanding of how to apply the concepts to credit analysis

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Audience: Commercial Lenders, Consumer Lenders, Branch Managers, Credit Analysts, Loan Review Officers, Credit Officers and Directors requiring a better understanding of financial statements.

Prerequisites: n/a

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