Corrective Action

Course Number: CA1

Course Code: ABA 086

Guides managers on how to facilitate their employees’ improvement by using a range of corrective action in a balanced and objective manner. Managers learn to document and apply a progressive disciplinary model, using a standard template that is focused on counseling employees towards performance improvement.
Re-versioned: Mar. 2016

Learning Obj​​​​ectives:

-After completing this course, students will be able to:

-Define corrective action and its significance

-Describe an employee’s performance or behavior gap specifically and objectively

-Identify the steps of the progressive disciplinary model

-Apply the progressive disciplinary process to disciplinary situations

-Document corrective action completely by including the standard elements

-Prepare for a corrective counseling session with an employee

-Conduct a corrective counseling discussion with an employee

-Take appropriate corrective action based on an employee performance or behavior issue

Audience: Any supervisor or manager who has responsibility for evaluating and documenting employee performance

Prerequisites: n/a

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