ABA-Wharton Emerging Leaders - Advanced Emerging Leadership

Course Number: ABA

Course Code: ABA

This program is designed to help emerging leaders define and refine their goals and develop a personal plan for achieving success.

Required Modules
You must complete the following modules:
-Introductory Video Wharton Professor Peter Cappelli and ABA?s Jim Edrington
Launching your Personal Search for Success
How to Think about Success on your Own Terms
Diving Deeper: What Research Tells Us About Achievement and Happiness
Putting it Together: Charting Your Path to the Future
-Leading the Life You Want:
Leadership from the Point of View of the Whole Person
Develop the Six Leadership Skills of Conveying Values through Stories
Learn the Six Leadership Skills of Aligning Actions and Values
Learn the Essential Leadership Skills of Creating a Culture of Innovation
Define Influence
Examine Social Networks and Relationships
Develop your Persuasive Tactics and Rhetoric to Increase your Influence
Examine the Ethical Implications of Persuasion
Cooperation, Competition and Comparisons
Effective Communication
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The estimated time to complete each module is 2-5 hours.

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Prerequisites: None

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Length: Approximately 41 hours

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